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Photographic materials are tricky – for their hungry, significant surfaces gather energy even when never exposed to light. This is what photographers call 'fog'. In this fog I find memories of places I may or may not have ever been, because memory is an equally tricky thing. It contains what we may have never experienced, may hold facts that are nothing more than imagination – but memories, just as photographs, are accepted as real. What exactly then is real? If photographs are real, and these are photographs, then do these remembered landscapes become real? When I hold these prints in my hand they they transport me to these places, these moments in time remembered.

Chemigrams are photographs made without the use of camera or lens, but rather take advantage of the capacity for photographic papers and chemistries to interact with time and the environment. This group of images was made with photographic postcard paper manufactured in the mid 1960s, when my earliest memories originate.

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Excerpt of Postcards From My Memory   |   2015.   |   Twenty-five Unique Gelatin Silver Prints, 4.25 x 5.5 in.